Mehr in Marriage According to Islam and Quran:

Mehr in Marriage According to Islam and Quran:

Marriage has special importance in Islam. Marriage is a legal contract between two gatherings. In Islam marriage being a required demonstration is important to the point that it is proclaimed to be one half of Muslim’s confidence. We can state that Marriage is Half Deen of Muslims.

At the point when marriage pledges are recited then husband gives his better half a blessing which is known as “Haq Mehr”. In religion Islam, there are some essential segments that must be satisfied without them marriage isn’t finished. One of those parts is “Mehr” which is the measure of wealth that husband pays to his better half.

Allah Almighty called it “freedah” in the Quran and commanded Muslim men to pay it cheerfully to their spouses. So it’s compulsory on each man who will inspire wedded to pay “Mehr” to his better half. It is the legal right of the spouse. It can be in real money or any other sort of property. The sum is variable not settled and ought to be consented to by the two gatherings. Nobody is prohibited from this as our adored Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also paid “Mehr” to His spouses.

The Mehr is the sole property of the spouse and neither guardians nor any different relatives have any directly finished it. Consequently, in the light of the Quran and Hadith, it can deliberately be said that the Mehr is the measure of wealth that a Muslim man must pay so as to have the capacity to begin to, and proceed to, appreciate a Muslim woman’s reproductive organs in the route affirmed by Allah Almighty i.e. through halal wedded relations.

Islam is the entire code of life, by which all the financial duties are laid on the man in marriage. In any case, the Mehr is a token installment and a dedication which the man demonstrates with respect to his obligation towards his significant other.

Mehr just has a place with the spouse and it is to be given to her. It isn’t the property of her folks or her guardian. On the off chance that a husband bites the dust without paying mehr to his better half, it will be an exceptional obligation to him and it must be paid before the dissemination of his inheritance among his inheritors.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in regards to the value of mehr: “Go and search for something, regardless of whether it is a ring of iron.” (Bukhari)

The man needs to pay to the separated from woman a sum which was chosen at the season of Nikah that is “Mehr”.

So, we can state that “Mehr” is totally for the woman and it is for her security. It’s not possible for anyone to demand the mehr from a woman, not by any means her folks, kin or guardian. Islam has commanded the mehr mandatory in marriage. May Allah give us chance to experience our lives as per Islamic and Quranic lessons. Ameen!

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