Meeraj (Night ascension) of the Holy Prophet On 27th of Rajab (Seventh month of hijri calendar) , all muslims celebrate this day as a day of Meeraj. It was one of the miraculous journey Holy prophet had. He was sent from Al-masjid (Al haram) makkah to Al-Aqsa mosque in Juralesm and then ascended in heaven on Buraaq (which was the source of conveyance).

Meeraj truth and significance shows in the Surah Al-Asra and from the hadiths. Meeraj was that night where muslims had been ordered to pray five times. Meeraj was that night where Holy prophet, Muhammad peace and blessings upon him had been given the chance to met Allah very closely.


On this night Muslim’s try to pray all night to keep the blessings and rewards from Allah which Allah has promised mankind.

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