Each Muslim Parent Should Perform these Sunnahs after the Birth of Their Child:

Each Muslim Parent Should Perform these Sunnahs after the Birth of Their Child:

Kids are a wellspring of joy and an adornment for the world granted by Allah to the guardians. Youngsters offer quality to the hearts, euphoria to the souls and joy to the eyes. For sure Islam has without a doubt exalted the status of kids and has set down manners for their treatment identifying with all their issues and each phase of their and from these are the manners for respecting their arrival in this life.

Labor is a standout amongst the most astounding favors which Allah Almighty has given to us. In the wake of bringing forth a tyke it is prescribed to welcome infant by following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Our darling Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said in regards to the support to have kids in these words: “Wed the cherishing and rich in light of the fact that through you, I will contend with the countries for predominance in numbers.”(Abu Dawood)

After the youngster is conceived, these are the Sunnahs that each Muslim parent ought to perform. Beneath we will examine a few Sunnahs that each parent ought to do after their youngster has been conceived:

Calling Adhaan in the ear of Newborn:

At the point when a youngster is conceived, right off the bat the Adhaan ought to be said in his/her ear. Adhaan ought to be recited in the correct ear, and in the left ear Iqamah.


Tahneek means to softening or biting a date and then rubbing the palate of the new-conceived with it soon after the birth or before long. On the off chance that the date isn’t accessible, you can also place nectar in the mouth of child.

Naming the Newborn Child:

A decent name for your kid has the importance in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has always picked the names with wonderful meanings. You can also name your youngster after the companions of Muhammad (SAW). The name should convey a decent and fair meaning.


Aqeeqah is a type of Sadaqah which defends your youngster from all the Evil. It is done after the seventh day of the arrival of the new-conceived, as a type of welcome for it and to offer gratitude to the One who gave the endowments, it is recommended to butcher a sheep.

Shaving the Newborn’s Head:

It is necessary to shave infant’s head on the seventh day, along with Aqeeqah as it is attractive.

At the point when Al-Hasan (RA) was conceived, the Prophet (PBUH) told his little girl, Fatima (RA): “Shave his head and give the heaviness of his hair in silver to the poor.”(Ahmad)


It is suggested that the infant kid ought to be circumcised. The circumcision should occur on the seventh day, however it is required to circumcise before the kid achieves development.

These were a few Sunnahs of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) identified with the infant that each Muslim parent ought to perform. Observance of these Sunnahs guarantees the health, and in addition the correct childhood of the kid. May Allah Almighty offer guidance to each parent to play out these activities and also to do equity to their youngsters! Ameen

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