( Blessings of Allah ) Allah has created mankind and sent on earth with the purpose and with the aim of life, such kind of aims whether a man do good deeds or do bad. This life is a trail for a human. It is just like an examination for a specific period in which everything has been told and a man is preparing for himself to get good grades in exam which will be given in the hereafter in the hands of man. Allah has blessed a man everything for which he even not count’s. Allah has given man health, wealth and easiness. Those who are in pain and sufferings are also has many blessings. But, Allah is testing them whether they do patience in hardships or not and Allah is ready to give them rewards for what they have suffered, surely they get good rewards from Allah. We must not forget those who are in pain and suffering from hardships and enduring pain from this cruel world. We should also help those people who have been suffering even in other countries. Allah has given you blessings so that Allah tests you where you use that blessings. Help those who are in need now, that is also the blessings for you because Allah choose you to help those who are in need. Stay blessed.adsad

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