Angels have names, however only few of them are referred to via title in the Qur’an. Allah says:
Say, ‘He who is an enemy to Jibreel (then Let it be known) that it is He Who sent him down on your heart with the go away of Allah verifying what was once published prior to it, and as education and satisfied tidings to the believers. He who is an enemy to
Allah, His angels, His Messengers, Jibreel, and Michael, then (let it be known) that Allah is an enemy to the infidels.
Allah describes the angels that are appointed on Hell-Fire saying:
o you who believe! Guard yourselves and your families from the Fire whose fuel is men and stones, upon which are appointed angels, harsh and stem, who do now not disobey Allah in what He instructions them and they d,o as they are commanded.

Jibreel is the sincere angel whom Allah entrusted with the Divine messages that He revealed to His Messengers. He was once the Spirit that Allah sentto Maryam.
Allah says: /IAnd We sent her Our Spirit.” Abdullah b. Mas’ood said:
The Messenger of Allah, may also Allah exalt his mention, saw Jibreel in his actual measurement with 600 wings; each one of them blocked the horizon.
He also said:
noticed Jibreel descending from heaven; his substantial measurementblocked the house between the
heaven and the earth.

Allah describes Jibreel saying: He is a noble, powerful Messenger whom Allah has granted a high rank. He is obeyed there (in the Heavens) and he is trustworthy.

Israfeel, is the angel who will blow the horn the first time to mark the stopof existence in this world, and will blow it once more for Resurrection.

Malik, is the Keeper of Hell. Hell’s inmates will name on him to ask Allah to put an end to their misery. Allah says: 11And they called, ‘0 Malik! Let your Rubb terminate our life. He said, ‘You will remain therein for ever.”

Ridhwan, is the Keeper of Jannah. The Prophet, can also Allah exalt his mention, mentioned his identify in more than a few ahadeeth.

Munkar & Nakeer, the two angels who interrogate the lifeless in the grave.

Malak al-Mawt, the Angel of Death, who collects human’s souls at their factor of death.

Haroot & Maroot, the two angels whom Allah sent down to earth to testhuman beings with the aid of educating them sorcery as referred to in Surat al-Baqarah ayah # 103.

Raqeeb & Ateed. The two angels who keep man’s organization all throughhis life. Allah says: The two Recording Angels write down the man’s deeds; one sits on his right, and the different on his left. He does no longer utter a word however Raqeeb & Ateed are there to report it.
It is definitely stated in the Qur’an that angels die simply as men and jinn do. Allah says:
And the hom will be blown, and all that are in the heavens and the earth will be started up to death; keep those whom Allah exempts. Then it will be blown again, and behold! They are standing searching on.

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